I present performances that feature magic, juggling, and other less definable bits of entertainment. Training in gymnastics, dance, acting, and even microchip programming, has helped me to create performances that are uniquely my own.

Contact: The Magic of Communication is my curriculum based school assembly program geared towards K-8 students. Magic by Scott Jameson is my family oriented program which appears in a variety of public and private venues.


(978) 838-2451

Recent Appearances

In January and February of 2019 I traveled to Cambodia to teach English at Kratie English School and Orussey Wat. I used juggling, magic, and even balloon animals to teach colors, counting, vocabulary, and grammar. In the spring and fall of this year I'll travel to schools throughout New England and New York with my curriculum based program. And this summer I'll present over sixty performances in theatres, libraries, and other public venues throughout the Northeastern US.


My programs are featured on the rosters of the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), New York State BOCES, Hartford Performs, and Young Audiences Arts for Learning Connecticut. My performances regularly receive funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Brief Autobiography

At age eight, with the help of a stack of library books, I taught myself how to juggle and perform countless magic tricks. In high school I participated in the theater program and competed in the dramatic speaking league.

While attending workshops in comedy, mime, movement, improvisation, dance, etc. at Maine’s Celebration Barn Theatre I discovered that the usual notion of what a “magic show” was could be replaced with something far more creative and compelling.

In 1998 I began my full-time career in solo variety theatre and currently travel throughout the Northeast presenting programs for audiences large and small.